Why you should invest in professional photography for your socials

It can be hard at the best of times to promote yourself, but now more than ever, your followers need to see a friendly face and know that it’s business, maybe not as usual, but adapted to this  new normal.

I recently enjoyed attending a headshot day at the beautiful www.avalonbeachcottage.com.au/ with the lovely Leah from @snappystreetcreative, and although I am always telling my Clients to get professional photography for their socials, I was hesitant to book.

It’s not my happy place [and many others I know], to be in front of the camera, I feel awkward and a little bit silly. [btw I needn’t have worried, Leah made me feel relaxed and at ease immediately] BUT I know and see the results of engagement and reach for my Clients when we show professional photos on their feed. So it’s time to walk the talk, ha!

Here are my top reasons why you should invest in professional photography;

  1. Showing your face helps build a connection with your audience. People do business with people, so showing up on your feed helps build the know, like and trust factor so they will hopefully buy from you.
  2. Having professional photography gives a professional image of your business.
  3. It’s called professional for a reason – photographers understand lighting, composition, best angle and know how to take a great photo so that they can capture the best version of you to promote your business.

Sure, you can take photos on your iPhone, and of course, there are occasions when this is great as long as they are good quality, not dark or blurred and align with your brand.

If you are looking for some professional and beautiful photos for your social media platforms and website, check out the gorgeous Leah at snappystreetcreative.com.au

She runs headshot days, personal branding shoots and more.

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